Vasectomy And Erectile Dysfunction– All Questions Answered!

Vasectomies have become a popular medical procedure, especially in today’s time. People are becoming more and more responsible towards their life and making the right decisions. One of the most important aspects of life is family planning. Without family planning, you may find yourself with too many children and little financial funds to support them all. 

When discussing family planning with your spouse, you may want to bring up the topic of a vasectomy. However, there are a number of myths surrounding vasectomies and how they cause erectile dysfunction, which is totally untrue. It is essential to debunk the truth to enjoy the benefits of this treatment. Click here to know more. 

FAQs related to vasectomy and erectile dysfunction 

  • Can impotence occur after vasectomy?

No. A vasectomy is an extremely low-risk procedure. There are few side effects, including infections, chronic pain, bruising, and other complications. However, you should not worry about anything more severe than that. Moreover, your doctor tells you whether you are a good candidate for a vasectomy before the procedure, so the chances of complications are less. 

The bottom line is that vasectomy does not affect your sexual life at all. It does not lower your sex drive nor cause impotence. 

  • How many people get erectile dysfunction after a vasectomy?

Getting erectile dysfunction is nearly impossible after a vasectomy. When researched about it, it was found that men who got vasectomies rarely even experienced erectile dysfunction as a side effect. The chances are that if you experience ED after vasectomy, it is because of some other reason, not the procedure itself. A study conducted in Brazil in 2005 showed that vasectomy surgery positively affected sexual function in men, with no increased risk of ED. 

  • Do men lose sensation after a vasectomy?

Many people assume that getting a vasectomy means losing sensation down there and, thus, less enjoyable sex. However, that is completely untrue. A vasectomy does not and should not change the way you feel during orgasm. However, men report a little bit of discomfort while orgasm following a few weeks after the vasectomy. 

  • Will a vasectomy reversal result in impotence?

No. Neither a vasectomy nor the reversal procedure will result in the impotence of the man. Testosterone production remains the same during both procedures. The reversal process takes longer than the vasectomy because it involves more steps. It is possible to get a reversal even after years of getting a vasectomy ailovemusic

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