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Google Digital Unlocked – Go Digital in India

A collaboration between Google, the Indian School of Business, and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Google Marketingproof Digital Unlocked aims to increase digital awareness and help small businesses go digital in India. This is done by assisting small businesses with the necessary training and technology to get started on the right track. The program offers online training and workshops to help small businesses become digitally-ready and grow their business.

As an added bonus, the courses are free. This makes it an ideal opportunity for small businesses to become more digitally aware. Not only networldking52 does the program provide free training, but it also features free content on digital marketing, career development, data, and more. Many organizations are even running campaigns to promote the program and encourage businesses to take advantage of it.

Getting certified in Google Digital thedailynewspapers Unlocked allows you to market your skills with greater credibility. The certification is free of charge and includes live courses, video tutorials, and dedicated libraries. You can also participate in forums and ask questions of other students. The courses cover dozens of topics. The courses tvwish are offered in three different levels, with the first level focusing on the introduction of Google tools.

Google Digital Unlocked also offers courses on data science, social media, and SEO. The courses cover a wide range of topics and are r7play designed to give you a solid foundation in these fields. In addition, there are free online courses for soft skills and self-development.

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